Our Vehicle Diagnostic Philosophy

Modern vehicles are defined as "computers on wheels" and probably typical passenger car can be equipped between 40 and 100 tiny computers controlling Engine, Brakes, Transmission, Airbags, Windows and Doors, Steering System, Climate Control, Instrument Cluster, Towbar etc. etc. few names. In time some of them may develop faults which would effect safety, fuel consumption and drivebility. If you have a problem what would you do?

Once upon a time when engines were pure mechanics which fuel and air meets in the combustion chamber and ignited at the right time with no emission regulations and cheap fuel. You would need strong muscles to turn the steering wheel and heavy foot to apply brake. When the fault happens than you would take it to "mechanic" friend or get a bit dirty and fix it yourself. at that time mechanics were dirty, low earners and usually they become "mechanic" due to lack of education. 

But now harsh emission regulations, safety requirements and comfort demands engines and vehicle systems become "sensors" and "actuators" controlled by computers. Each computer communicates with each other with very fast rates more than ever. Unfortunately our "poor mechanic" is now out of business or struggling with only limited amount of exhaust, tyre and suspension work which he can coop. So if you have a problem where to go? Fixing modern systems require "high skills", "extensive equipments" and "knowledge". Those makes today's mechanics highly skilled and educated engineers. 

I personally know quite few mechanical and electronic engineers working in Automotive industry, including myself. I have quite often asked the question, why an Computer Engineer with a BSc and MSc degree would work in repair garage. Answer is simple; without my extensive electronic knowledge at component level and without understanding how electronic units are working on the vehicle, it would be impossible to resolve problems which I am dealing day to day basis. 


 Old Type Engine


Audi 6 CYL FSI Engine

Fault Finding Thrio: Knowledge, Skills and Equipment

If any one of them is missing that it would be impossible to good result. Therefore at Autotech Bosch Service we invest heavily on right equipment and tools, people with right skills and willingness and factory manuals and training.

 A typical wiring diagram for VW Passat 1.9 TDI PD Engine

Knowledge and Accessing Information

At Autotech Car Service we are fully subscribers of ErWin Information system for All Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda Vehicles. This is the exactly same system used by VW main dealers wordwide. Obtaining undisputed right information, wiring diagrams, tightening torques etc. is our key for efficient diagnosis and repair. Without this knowledge it would take guesswork to get results which would involve replacing unnecessary parts and big diagnosis costs.

 ErWin System Screenshot for 2008 Audi A4 CAGA Engine Toothbelt Replacement

For non VW group vehicles and component test values for VW vehicles we also use Bosch ESI[tronic] system. Bearing in mind that many electronic components on variety of vehicles are manufactured by Bosch. Having individual component target values in hand, we can verify whether output limits and patterns are within tolerances using oscilloscope, this would make us more advanced than main dealers. In fact this is the secret key of finding intermittent faults even main dealers are unable to identify.

ESI[tronic] screenshot for Audi A6 2.6 Quattro Electrical Terminal Diagram

Our Equipment:

Apart from knowledge, information and skills it takes right tools and equipment to get the right result. As well as having all factory tools for VW group such as timing tools, removal and setting tools we also have extensive diagnostic equipment which exceeds typical main dealer level diagnostic such as oscilloscopes and programming tools. It is not possible to list everything here but few of them we are using on daily basis are:

Bosch KTS 890 Diagnostic Computer and Oscilloscope

VAS PC Dealer Diagnostic Computer for VW, Audi Group Vehicles

Delphi DS 150 Bluetooth Diagnostic for vehicles with Delphi Fuel system


VCDS VW, Audi Group Vehicles PC Based Diagnostic Emulator


Bosch BEA 430 Exhaust Emission Analyzer for Petrol and Diesel Engines with EOBD 

Snap On Modis Diagnostic Tool with 4 Channel Automotive Oscilloscope

Customer Care Policy Statement:

Autotech Bosch Car Service endeavours to provide outstanding levels of service to all our customers. It is our intention to ensure that every customer can expect the highest quality of workmanship, be treated in a courteous and friendly manner and be assured that their vehicle is in the best possible hands.

As a member of the Bosch Car Service network, we receive regular independent audits of our business to ensure that we are continuing to meet the highest standards in the automotive service and repair industry.

We are a pro-active business and continuously seeking to make improvements and we fully recognize that the future of our company relies upon our customers’ satisfaction. Our objective is to provide you with the highest standard of customer and technical service at all times. However, we recognize that things can go wrong occasionally and when this occurs we are committed to resolving matters promptly and efficiently.

If you are dissatisfied in any way with the service you have received, any concerns or queries you may have should be brought to our personal attention. Should we be unable to satisfactorily address your complaint, then in line with the BCS Code of Practice, Robert Bosch Ltd will be willing to help resolve your complaint.

Call us on 01603 920 105 or visit our online booking section to book your service or MOT for your vehicle. If your question is not answered here than please don't hesitate to to ask member of staff. 

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