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When you comparing our prices with Main Dealer Prices, please make sure that All Pulleys, Idlers, Tensioners,  are included in your Timing Belt Replacement Schedule. They are Recommended by Manufacturer but NOT done even by Main Dealers.

  • In addition to replacing the cambelt it is equally important to replace all tensioners, idle rollers and associated parts, as these are just as prone to wear and failure as the belt itself.
  • On most late VAG vehicles the cambelt also drives the water pump, which itself is prone to failing. Therefore, Autotech recommends replacing water pump, new red longlife antifreeze at the same time as timing belt (Extra Cost if Required)
  • On both petrol and diesel V6 engines the coolant thermostat which is situated behind the cambelt, is also need replacement. (Extra Cost if Required)
  • Auxiliary drive belts do not have a specific replacement interval so are usually replaced at the same time as the cambelt. (Extra Cost if Required)
  • All our quotes include all parts come with Genuine Timing Belt Replacement Kit, such as Toothed Belt, Idler, Pulleys and Tensioner. Auxiliary belt and tensioner will also be checked during belt replacement and replaced if necessary at additional cost.

Are you calling around to find the cheapest quote?

Think again! We believe and our experience shows that; there is no such Cheap & Quick timing belt replacement method available for VAG Vehicles. If you are thinking of getting cheap Timing belt replacement for your VAG vehicle between the region of £100 - 200 than probably you may consider to not replace at all. Original parts fitted to your vehicle during the manufacture are much more reliable than cheap generic new replacement parts and poor workmanship.

We are not aiming to be cheapest garage around, but we are certainly offer very good value for your money. You need to make sure that when comparing quotes you are comparing high quality workmanship and quality genuine parts with similar ones. Comparing those with cheap inferior parts and poor workmanship don't give you accurate results.  

We have seen many cases of poor quality parts and labour such as extended timing belts by heat disturbing valve timing, leaking water pumps which require another timing belt removal, snapped belts due to low-quality tensioner, cracked belts are only examples.

Leaking inferior water pump    Failed water pump bearing


Avoid those expensive problems by using Volkswagen Audi Specialist garages only. Any VAG Specialist garage will explain importance of using Genuine Parts.

Furthermore, Volkswagen group engines are designed with little tolerances with precise engineering. Therefore special oil have to be used at regular intervals which complies with VW 507 and VW 504 norms. This special oil has low ash content, which is a must for Turbocharger, PD Injectors, DPF Filter and many other components. Major failure of those components are caused by wrong oil usage. Many people (even many garages) think that all Fully Synthetic oils or all Longlife oils are same, but they are NOT. Below picture shows excessive carbon deposits causing to VVT turbocharger core failure. (Left and right pictures are SAME turbocharger before and after reconditioning).


  Failed Turbocharger core by carbon deposits

  Same turbocharger after reconditioning

We also return all removed parts back to customer (except off course oil filters, drained fluids for obvious reasons) in original genuine part boxes. We also use transparent invoicing system to list all parts used in service and their Volkswagen part numbers. This way you can make sure that all parts are replaced and genuine parts are used.

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