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Regular vehicle servicing is often overlooked by car owners however it is more important than most vehicle owners realise. Through keeping your service book up-to-date you will retain a better resale value when you come to sell your Audi, Seat, Skoda or Volkswagen. But the sale is a long term benefit, until then you will also benefit from identifying potential problems before they occure, ensure the optimum miles per gallon for your particular vehicle and you get a 'smoother, tighter' drive from your driving experience!

We now offer Fixed Price Manufacturer Recommended Service for your Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda vehicles and three level of servicing (according to Bosch Servicing standards) for all makes and models. We tell you how much it will cost and no nasty suprises at the end.

Autotech Car Service have built an outstanding reputation on our first-class commitment to both vehicle and customer care. We provide a high-quality service that's friendly and professional so you can be confident that both you and your vehicle are in safe hands.


At Autotech we understand that you are not an experienced vehicle engineers. Although your vehicle's service book will provide you a great amount of information regarding servicing, it may not make sense to someone who is not mechanic minded. So we have created a simple flowchart for you. By following this flowchart, you can determine what type of servicing you need and therefore prices for the chosen service.

Please also bear in mind that every make and models have specific requirements according to mileage, age and usage and may need some extra items to look at. We will always notify you in advance and obtain your authorization before starting any extra work. So no nasty surprises!


Did you know that servicing and maintaining your Volkswagen and Audi at Autotech Car Service does not affect your Manufacturers Warranty?
In October 2003 European Legislation affecting the motor trade came into force allowing motorists to use any garage of their choice to service their cars without invalidating the manufacturer's warranty. This basically means you are free to benefit from the competitive pricing and individual service offered by your local independent garage.







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